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“Inside Human Mind” (IHM) is a public project, mainly designed to help people to overcome temporary setbacks caused by grief, unfortunate accident, broken heart, drag involvement, or any other highly emotional events. You will find here human compassion and sympathetic support to become a happy person again. It is important, that you stay anonymous at this site, which relieves you from any kind of responsibility and provides a good incentive to be absolutely honest, which is the only way to get helped efficiently.

The actual purpose of the IHM project is multifold. Indeed, how much do we know about what is going on in the people mind when they are alone? The talk to yourselves never ends. We probably have a few hundreds of excellent belletristic books written by a rather few recognized authors, who had a gift to observe and to guess what other people do and think. They put in written their observations, and we can enjoy reading them. However, whatever they write is their own eventual thinking. Many of them get geniusly close to the thinking of other people, since while we read we frequently recognize it to be very similar to our own feelings. Nevertheless, those are lucky guesses of outstanding writers, but still not the scientific facts.

On this site, everyone is encouraged to write about their own feelings and experiences in absolutely honest way. This will eventually result in an invaluable database of information, which researches could use to develop better understanding of how human mind works.

Even more importantly, the IHM site is also an opportunity for disturbed people to get healed. Here is a testimony of one of the founders of this site: “When I had broken up with my girlfriend I was very sad and could not stop rehashing all the details of our failed relationship. It became almost a sickness for me. Then I decided to write down all the details hoping that it will free me up from my thoughts and I will consequently be able to go on with my life. I was surprised how well it indeed worked.” That incident became an inspiration point for the IHM project a few years back. Combination of healing effects, while collecting the database of human thoughts at the same time, seemed to be a good idea.

Many people are afraid to tell about their problem to anyone for some reason. IHM site is a place for them, because it is all absolutely anonymous. Read more …

People may also get a professional help, possibly paid. The payments are also done in an absolutely anonymous way using IHM site. No your personal information will be revealed to the payee and neither anything retained stored on IHM server. Read more ….

If you encounter circumstances, which forced you to commit a crime, this site is your opportunity to get over it and to continue going on with your live in a healthy way. Your thoughts and reasoning may help to stop somebody who is about to commit a crime. Most importantly, damping your story in written form will help you to get your thoughts together and to become healed.

If you feel happy, strong and healthy, then this site is an opportunity for you to share your experience on how you achieved your happiness. It is a good writing exercise, which may even result in saving somebody’s life.

You may find useful policy page with some guidance on how to write your story.

Do you think IHM could be useful for you and others? What are you waiting for, submit your anonymous story!

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