Unlike other similar social-network sites, the members stay anonymous here. We do not see a way to enforce honesty otherwise, which is one of the most important conditions for this project to be useful for everybody.

Most of us wearing a social mask of a kind when communicating with others, which is a good thing, we have to do this, otherwise we will continually hurt other people feeling without even noticing it. We have to control and watch ourselves to preserve good relationship with others. However, on this site, right the oppositely, you have to take the social mask off. You are anonymous, you cannot hurt anyone, because no one knows who you are in the real world. The same way, no one can hurt you either. A child-level openness and honesty is the highest priority at this site.

A participant has to provide an e-mail address at the time of registering in order to be able to receive various notifications and administrative letters. Your e-mail address is surely kept strictly confidential. If you still worry, then you may create a new dummy e-mail at any free e-mail providers like gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc. and use it for registration.

Your username, which is only used to log in, is never exposed to public either, and can be as cryptic as you wish. After registration, you may set “Display name publicly as” to anything you like. You may use spinxo username generator to come up with a neutral, yet memorizable username. Alternatively, use random string generator to get a completely random name, which has nothing to do with your personality at all.

If you are a shrink, psychiatrist or other human-relationship professional, you may be able to expand your circle of clients with anonymous members at IHM site. Read more …




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