The very basic schema employed by IHM is a post-comments framework. You are encouraged to post the articles describing episodes of your life which became most memorable and most noticeable. You may be going through a transforming phase of your life right now, please, share it with us. Do not worry about quality of your writing. Try to deliver the essence of the event and, most importantly, what you felt as it was happening.

Honesty. Everyone has to be absolutely and undoubtedly honest in the posts, otherwise the whole idea is defeated. Other members will not be able to help those, who do not want to be helped to begin with. There is no reason to spend time writing a fiction at IHM, it would not benefit neither you nor other members. Sometimes people are not honest without realizing that they are not honest – this is different from what is meant above. You have to have a sincere intention of being honest. It could happen that after reading your own post a few days later you would suddenly realize that the things did not happen exactly as you described, but rather something else was going on. Just share it with us as well and everyone will benefit as much as possible.

Anonymity. IHM has a lot in common with other social network sites, but here is the key difference. Unlikely other similar social-network sites, the members stay anonymous here. We do not see a way to enforce Honesty otherwise. Read more …

Compassion. Members are expected to reveal mutual understanding and willingness to help each other. A scolding, offending, humiliating or abusing comment will be moderated out. Let us express unconditional love to each other. Love is probably the only thing which surely stays in other people after you are gone and it is the only thing worth of living for. Accept that people are the way they are, and let us recognize it, and let us try to learn about each other instead of hurting or fighting each other.

Loyalty. Respect the authors of posts. There is nothing can be wrong or incorrect in any honest post. It happened, which means that this is what we are, this is what we do, this is how we were designed. Let us learn each other in the way we are.

Tolerance. IHM is not directly affiliated with any religious, governmental, educational or any other kind of public organization. IHM equally appreciates any kind of manifestation. The stories are not moderated based on religious or organizational content.