You will be asked to rate your story with one of the tags:

  • RateG – is suitable for any audience type.
  • RatePG – may contain rude expressions, the lesser swear words.
  • RateR – harsh profanity, intense violence, explicit sexuality, or hard drug use.
  • RateX – hardcore sexual content or extremely disturbing violence.

You may also optionally assign a category to your story:

  • Uncategorized – anything that does not fit anywhere below (default).
  • Happy – a story with happy end.
  • Love Story – a descriptions of your emotions is very wanted.
  • Parents – related to parents.
  • Children – stories about your children.
  • Crime – how and why a crime was committed.
  • Boss – stories about employer – employee relations.
  • Citation – is a citation of a known recognized published author, maybe a few paragraphs from your favorite author which impressed you the most and from what you had strong emotions. Descriptions of your emotions may be attached as a comment or be inside of the post itself.
  • Advertisement – an advertisement of some product, method, book, article, or of a kind, which may help you to cope with a depression or any sort of mental problem.

You are welcome to suggest more categories, thank you!

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