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    Exactly what is a travel document or, more specifically, just what visa? A visa is permission to request entry into a foreign country. Unbeknownst to a lot of laymen, visas and passports were not widely issued before introduction of the last century.

    The Visas discussed in this post are certainly not the type that you just swipe at the nearby mall to purchase things. Instead, they are the documents necessary for to enter most countries worldwide. A mistaken belief held by many is situated upon the thought that a visa entitles the bearer entry right into a country. In most cases, a visa is not same in principle as a "right of entry.The truth is, a travel document like a visa is simply an endorsement from the consul abroad which states that the bearer ought to be permitted to petition for entry into the country.

    In Thailand, there are various visa categories under Thai Immigration law. Thailand even offers an allegedly similar Permanent Resident system to that of america of the usa. However, looks may be deceiving as Thai Permanent Residence is very tough to obtain and there’s quota searching for people of differing nationalities. In the late 1970’s the Thai governing bodies at Royal Thai Immigration promulgated non-immigrant visa categories. Currently the most generally issued visas include the Thai Business Visa, the Thai O Visa, and also the Thai O-A (Retirement) Visa.

    Many Thai people seek to obtain travel privileges to the United States of America. Probably the most preferred US visas from Thailand will be the US Fiance visa. The K-1 visa is for foreign fiancee’s (in cases like this Thai fiancees) of Usa Citizens who seek entry to the USS so that you can marry their beloved.

    In situations where a couple has now gotten married it will be a good idea to submit an I-130 application for an Immigrant Visa. The Immigrant Visa (CR-1) entitles the bearer to conditional permanent residence in the United States. In most cases, the Immigrant Visa will need 12 months to process. However, for anyone couples who will be already married and would like to expedite the procedure the K3 marriage visa is definitely an option. The K-3 is really a non-immigrant visa category, however it does let the visa beneficiary to regulate status (get a Green Card) in america. In the past the K3 visa was considered very useful as it took significant amounts of time for it to process the Immigrant visas. Now, the K3’s effectiveness has waned as a result of better processing by USCIS.

    The us and Thailand are a couple of countries away from many around the globe which issue visas.

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